Published by Penteract Press, this book contains 75 original Scrabblegrams on a wide variety of topics including art, astronomy, math, science, movies, books, sports, games, history, mythology, and many more. Includes 28 full-color illustrations by Clara Etherin. Order yours today!

"It's one thing to passionately create daily content for the word-loving crowd; it's another to take such a unique Scrabblicious approach, and so consistently deliver both a 'wow' and a smile. I'm such a fan of David and his work!"– Sam Ezersky, digital puzzles editor for The New York Times

"Escape into a world of wordplay magic with this joyous, engaging and utterly irresistible book. David Cohen takes the 100 Scrabble tiles and dexterously crafts them into scintillating poetic mosaics, often featuring additional constraints, all infused with a subtle musicality. The variety is dazzling! At once erudite and quirky, Scrabblegrams is full of surprises – a book to read, re-read, and cherish."– Marian Christie, author of Triangles and Fractal Poems

"When we explored the history of Scrabblegrams and celebrated David Cohen’s contest-winning limerick as our 'GOAT' - we couldn’t have imagined what would result. He has turned a niche pursuit into an art form - making the ethereal seem effortless. Try one yourself and you’ll appreciate the level of skill on display in his many creations!"– Eric Chaikin, co-founder of Beyond Wordplay